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I’m an application developer and I just can’t find the place where to follow the steps of my registration and my application, I didn’t find a link that took me to something practical, I just find explanations that don’t take me anywhere

It all should be in this s**eller portal information page**

Sign up and then Sign in in the Seller Portal
Once you’ve signed in right under the Assistance menu is Guides click on that and there is a lot of information.

It all is pretty well detailed but I can help if you need more information. I need to know for sure if you are an Android App Developer or Games Developer or a something else.

Samsung Developer Relations

Sorry, I didn’t find the Assistance link, can you pass the direct link to the beginning of the process?
I’m an Android developer and I’ve had my apps ready for a few years now for registration.

If you Sign into the Seller Portal you see the assistance and guides If you don’t want to sign up scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a link for Guides

If you do sign up use your Samsung Account unless you want a second one for Developer Only.

Just so you know except for Games you need to use a Samsung API (in app purchase counts) in your app to be published in the Galaxy Store.

Samsung Developer Relations

My main app is about football, but it’s not a game. If you want to know, download “Ranking do Futebol” on Google Play

One of the requirements for being on the Galaxy Store Android Apps is the app has to have a Samsung Differentiator. That basically means it needs to use Samsung In App Purchase or one of the Samsung specific API’s

All the seller portal guides are HERE

Samsung Developer Relations