How to Pre-registration?

There is no Guide in the seller portal. There is no explanation anywhere, so can you tell me how to use the Pre-registration function?

How do the games in “Galaxy Store → Games → Pre-registration” register Pre-registration and how do they register Pre-registration Rewards?

Hi zzackka,

Links for most Store Guides and other documentation are HERE

I’m not sure where you are getting the term Pre-registration from the only things I can think of are:
You should register in the seller portal and be approved before uploading you games. Registration is very simple, being a commercial seller is simple but there are some catches like your name has to be the same on the application as it is on the ID you present. So if your ID has 4 names, you need to put 4 names in that same order but on two lines, Ron Dan Bill Smith needs to be entered as Ron Dan then Bill Smith on the second line.

The other thing I think you might be thinking of is Pre-Certified and that is only available to sellers with a Samsung Store business partner and those are usually top sellers on Play Store.

If you can clarify this a bit better I can work with you to get an answer.

Samsung Developer Relations

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The pre-registration I mentioned is in the “Screenshot_2.png - Google Drive”.

I think it’s a “Samsung Store business partner” among the answers you’ve given me. Thank you.
( p.s. I use the translator. So the word can be strange. )

Hi Oh I see now.

That is for users to pre-register for Game events and usually there is a discount when they do that.

This is a collaboration with Samsung Galaxy Store and the Game vendor and is done through Business associates assigned to the larger sellers.

This is a Galaxy Store venture, not a Seller Portal.

Samsung Developer Relations

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