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Congratz I can’t use this portal anymore for selling apps. I am a individual based outside of U.S so its a RIP. I hope whoever came up with this change starts feeling better some day.

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If you are a Themes, Icons, or Watch Face seller you do not need a DUNS number since those are closed ecosystems already. If you are an Android developer you will need to get a DUNS number and submit that to the Seller Portal for your Business Registration information.

You can request a global D-U-N-S number from this Link
Even if it opens a partner company do a search for DUNS and it will tell you how to request it.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need clarification

Samsung Developer Relations

Ye I dont have a company I am an individual.

make a apple dev account and apply too D-U-N-S

Does this apply to independent developers or do I need to have a registered company?

It does not work its same. I still need a company.

In the US you go to the local government (county clerk) and apply for a Doing Business As and pay a tiny fee. I believe there is more red tape in some other countries. But yes to sell Android Apps you must be a business even if it is only one person.

This is an attempt to make Galaxy Store much better for legitimate sellers. Unfortunately it does affect a few legitimate sellers that have a good reason to only publish on Galaxy Store.

Samsung Developer Relations