Arithmetic operation

I am trying to design a number series for seconds on my watch. It would be like “12 13 14 15 16”
Th center number would display the actual seconds and the leading and trailing numbers would display one or two counts less than the actual seconds
The problem is i have applied the formula “[SEC]-1” for the 1st leading number and “[SEC]-2” for the second leading number and it displays -2 and -1 when the second count is 0. I need a if else formula which doesnt work in this case

Maybe you could use ([SEC]+58)%60 and ([SEC]+59)%60


Thanks Peter. This is what I get :slight_smile:

Sorry, I just shoot it without testing in WFS.
put the expressions into brackets like
(([SEC]+58)%60) (([SEC]+59)%60) [SEC] (([SEC]+61)%60) (([SEC]+62)%60)

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Lemme test it bro thanks for the efforts