Split digits of hours and minutes - maths functions

I want to separately place the first digit and second digit of the hours and minutes. Getting the second digit is fine using ([HOUR_0_23]%10), but I’m trying to get the first digit using (floor([HOUR_0_23]/10)) but this doesn’t work, in fact none of the maths functions seem to work for me. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong ?

Is working for me

That is really weird, in a text field right ? For me, both in the designer, and if I run on watch it just shows the text “(floor([HOUR_0_23]/10))”, I can do ([HOUR_0_23]/10) but I get a decimal result displayed.

Watch face studio 1.0.3 (Wear OS)

New fuctions were introduced with 1.0.11 version. Looks like you need to update WFS

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That fixed it v1.0.12 … I only downloaded 1.0.3 a week ago ! Looks like I need to keep a better eye on updates.

Many thanks.

No problem ! Have a great day :slight_smile:

The documentation got updated the first of November but the release wasn’t until last week.

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