Seconds +1 and -1 tag

Hi, I would need the tag expression to make a sequence of seconds … +1 and -1. thank you

This is the wrong forum it is for Watch Face Convertor which converts .tpk files to .aab files. I’ll move this to Watch Face Studio because I would assume this is GW4 watch project.

Are you working in Galaxy Watch Studio or Watch Face Studio. The tags are different for each tool.

Also do you want actual time? or just something that is shown in seconds.

If you want actual time + and - you need two digital clocks and use a bitmap to remap them +1 or -1

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Hello. i am using watchface studio and would like to create a vertical seconds scroll.

That is kind of what I thought.

You use 60 bit map images Somewhat like you have (one for each second) and the in the digital clock remap the numbers
So the clock tag is ([SEC_Z])
and you change the text appearance from True Type to Bitmap and remap each number with the bitmap.
The GWS Tutorial on Bitmap fonts is a good tutorial and most will translate to WFS easily.

The other way would be to use 3 clocks and read out with ([SEC_Z]-1) ([SEC_Z]) ([SEC_Z]+1) but you probably are doing bitmaps already so that would be a hassle too.

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Hello I used it with my SG-52. Look at the screenshot.

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thanks but the expression ([SEC_Z] -1) doesn’t work

thank you very much ️

(([SEC]) ? ([SEC] -1) : 59)
and something similar for the sec+1

I like SG’s version too


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Hello, you could also use 3 text fields with following expressions:
I tried the “new” numberFormat function to restore the leading zero, but I could not find the right way to write it, to work like described. Could anybody help please?


thank you. both formulas work

Hello Peter, that would be the right way to write it

(numberFormat("00", ([SEC]<1)*59+([SEC]-1)))
(numberFormat("00", ([SEC]+1)-60*([SEC]==59)))

or for [SEC_Z]
(numberFormat("00", [SEC]))

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Thank you, I could not figure the outer brackets, did not even try it, as I thought it would turn to the basic number again.
I also found my error, the first expression should be like
(numberFormat("00", ([SEC]<1)*60+([SEC]-1)))