Artifacts on certain Adreno GPUs


I’m Gustav and work for the PlayCanvas team at Snap Inc. We have a shader that might be of interest to look at, which causes some interest artifacts on certain Adreno powered devices.

I have taken some time to debug it, and it seems the shader skips over a condition that should be triggered by a uniform, and proceeds to evaluate the lighting despite there being no lights. Disabling our clustered lighting code (which shouldn’t trigger at all in these cases) fixes the problem.

The following image is taken by a Galaxy A52.

The result should be this:

The code is open source and can be found here if inspection is needed: GitHub - playcanvas/engine: Fast and lightweight JavaScript game engine built on WebGL and glTF. The problem is in the clusteredLights.js shader template file.

You can also reproduce this issue easily following this link to one of our engine examples: PlayCanvas Examples


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