Samsung SM-A325F Video Driver optimization in runtime.Blink black lines

Working on mobile games that generate terrain,landscapes,enviroment ,trees and etc in runtime.
Black lines appears on this device and similar. GPU driver is can’t stand perfomance.
How to right handle situation?
Use about 50000 opengl triangle vertices and do all optimization for that .Still not enough

I’m moving this to the Games Developer Forum

What tool are you using?

Samsung Developer Relations

Android sdk and Opengl with Android Studio

Unfortunately I have no way to report hardware issues This forum is for 3rd party developer issues using Samsung developer tools. If you believe that this is solely in Samsung Devices you can report this as a bug. I looked around but didn’t see this reported elsewhere.

I would recommend you use the Samsung Members App for feedback
go to and depending on your location
either → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and under support is a link to the community

I’m sorry I couldn’t help more.

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