"Auto start last app" will only work on certain applications

We are having difficulty getting our application to auto start on certain Samsung models when the screen is powered off.

For example, model TU690T (43") will run our application but when the screen is turned off and turned on again (usually the next morning), the screen goes back into the SmartHub and does not launch our application.

A few points…

  1. Some models it will works as it should (i.e. the Samsung Frame)… the app auto launches when the screen is turned back on
  2. Even on the models where our application will not auto launch, certain apps will such as YouTube and Netflix.
  3. In a communication with Samsung 1:1 Q&A the support rep showed us a video and then made a vague reference to the screens support of Multitasking which doesn’t really make sense because certain apps WILL auto launch.

Does anyone have any insight or workarounds? For now we have been having our customers pin the app to the SmartHub applications and start there but that adds steps that we would like to avoid.

Any insight would be appreciated

anyone?? Beuller? We have not been able to get a resolution to this issue.

I trying to also figure out a way to do the same for my app, even programmatically with the use of a web or .NET API but I cannot seem to find anything.
Any insight or help with this topic would really be appreciated.

I wish i had better news but from what I have determined, the screens that do not support multitasking will only auto launch the apps that come bundled in the screen.

If you have more success than we have at getting a fix, please update this thread