Multitasking issue in some TV models

We are having issues with the Multitasking feature for Samsung TVs (2020 models)

2021,2022 models all passed it without any problem.

I have used visibility change to handle app visibility.

We have submitted our app for testing and for some models we have got one critical issue regarding multitasking. The app doesn’t open from the last watched screen when switched to another app and came back to the same app.

I have tested the app on some of our TV we are not having any issues in it. But one TV model(UA32T4600AKBXL) is not working for multitasking.

This issue is not specific to app rather it is based on TV model .What should we do to resolve this issue.

I have used this code in config.xml file and tried ; but not working.
<tizen:metadata key=" " value=“true”/

I tried using background-support=“enable” in config.xml file It actually worked but while submitting app to store Pre-test of .wgt file failed.

Any help would be appreciated.

@r.liechty_SDP Please do help us

App name: toober
version: 1.0.1
App ID : 3202204027109

The same image has been attached below

I tried using background-support=“enable” in config.xml file It actually worked in all testing TVs but while submitting the app to Seller portal we got a pre-test error .


Developer Relations and the Smart TV Seller Store managers had a brief discussion and I believe they are looking into your issue.

They asked me to be sure that all these questions were submitted to the Store 1:1 Q/A request so they can see how it is handled. If you have done that please let me know the request ID if you haven’t please submit.

Samsung Developer Relations

@r.liechty_SDP We have already submitted our question in the 1:1Q/A request.
Here are the 2 questions which we have submitted but still no response from the seller portal. Please do help us through this process.

  1. [DF-220705-92820-20TV_STANDARD]App relauch after use multi
    ID : 2227034839

Developer Relations and the Smart TV seller office have a meeting Friday and I will bring this up at that time.