Background Category section error in config.xml source

I am pretty new to Samsung application developing. I want to develop a web application for Tizen TVs for Media(videos, images, htmls) downloading from server and displaying them on the TV. I am confused about certain specifications concerning the config.xml file.
More specifically, my app will speak with the server every 5 minutes and then download any new content for displaying, if any exists, while the app will continue to display the last downloaded content. So, I want to implement a background service that will speak with the server, in order to download any new content.
What privileges or features should I add to my config.xml file and also, should I add any “Background Category” in the Tizen tab of the config file in order to be able to implement such a service that will run in the background?

PS: When I add any Background category, the config file throws error:

*Invalid content was found starting with element 'tizen:background-category'. One of '{"":name, *
* "":description, "":icon, "":author, *
* "":license, "":content, "":feature, *
* "":preference, "":service, "":app-*
* control, "":setting, "":service, "":application, *
* "":content, "":privilege, "":content-security-*
* policy, "":content-security-policy-report-only, "":allow-navigation, *
* "":app-widget, "":account, "":metadata, *
* "":splash, "":category, "":profile, "http://*
*":video_splash_screen, "":access, "*
* widgets":required-services}' is expected*

look at the source for the config.xml and make sure the syntax is like this <feature name="" /> … I dont think you need a lot of privileges configured other than the and filesystem.write since you are probably wanting to store files. You can write standard javascript apps with timer that will talk to a server and do POST/GET requests to get new content

Thank you for your response!

To be more exact, the whole background functionality should continue to run even when the application is minimized by the user or the user is using another application. Reading the documentation, I came across the web service feature:

As explained in the above documentation, the prerequisite to be able to implement such a background functionality is the feature <tizen:feature name=""/>. By adding the above feature in the source of config.xml, I indicate that my application requires the Web service capability. However, by running the getCapability("") on my device web debugger, I get a false value, which(if I am correct) means that my device does not support the Web service capability. This may as well be the case with many other Samsung TV devices.

Have I understood the documentation correctly or am I missing something?
I would like to highlight that I want my application to run in as many TVs as possible with as few limitations as possible.