Battery linear progress bar is not showing

the battery linear progress bar is not showing on watch 6, but does show on the preview and not on the watch.
the circular progress bar does show on the watch 6 and the preview.

I tired it so many times, with circle complication and large complication, it won’t show on the watch 6.
thank you

@lebanoncedars i moved your topic to correct category

Are u using your own progress bar? Or complication?

Read this if its a complication. Probably u just select and put on your wfs watch face not realising the watch choosen another layout from all the layout that is enabled.

Try untick all types are only allow range values complications

Or remove those u dont want the watch to use.

sorry, what I was trying to test the circular progress bar which is showing and working on the preview and the watch 6.
and I was testing the linear progress bar which is showing on the preview working but not on the watch, is not there. even if the slot is covering the whole area. and it doesn’t matter the circle or large complication I use, the same result. it doesn’t show on the watch. ONLY on the preview.
that’s what I was trying to explain to you. the linear progress bar is not working on the watch 6.
I’m using the actual complications are in there. and NOT something of my own incl. progress bar.
thank you

@lebanoncedars ,I understand what you mean… please try what i written in the guide… meaning preview and watch is different because like i said many times it selecting from the list u provided!!

Why your orignal circle progress bar works but not when u changed to liner i am not sure.

Could it be for gw6 its only know how to put circle progress bar if in a circle complication. So maybe try large box complication. And

do as i explain thank you.

I have explained about complication also if u read carefully.

you preview here is correct but when you sent to the watch you watch may select one without progress bar since it is enabled.

the correct way is either


removing all the other layout.

My circle complication with liner progress bar on my watch


p.s for linear progress bar you should be using large box complication

Btw i not saying there no problem with gw6 regarding progress bar. But if u dont try what i guiding you there no way to find out if its user issue or firmware issue. Thanks

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your solution was right, thank you so much. I tried it for circle complication and largeBox complication, both are working now by taking the other range off and turn off the ones you don’t need.
Well thank you so much, I thought it will do it automatically . sorry for all the trouble.
it’s working the linear progress bar now.
thnx again Knightwing.

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