Best application or process for creating smooth animations?

I looked at some watch faces lately - for example Samsung’s ‘Pebble’ free watch face and the animation looks pretty smooth. Lottie animations worked great in the past but Lottie animation are no longer supported.

I wonder what is the best application or process out there to create smooth watch face animations? Any help and hints would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, there is a 15fps limit on animations in wfs. So if i am not wrong those smooth animation u see is on high fps. Thats means even you use another app to create your animation the 15fps limit will get u no more smooth as those u see else where

Thanks so much for the reply @Knightwing. Do you know of any good software out that can help with setting up animations as smooth as possible?

Thanks again…

Not really, i but used photoshop.

You may want to look at this thread too.

Putting a bunch of .png files together in Photoshop seems to be quite arcane in this time and age. Lottie files were such an elegant, smooth and efficient way to bring animations into Wear OS. I really wonder why this format was removed - it seems likes a giant step back…

I am still looking to find an affordable animation program that can tween animations (fades, movements,…) and then output a series of optimized .pngs or webp files…

@andi-sf Like i said take a look at the thread i shared. I rarely use animation on my watch so not that experience. Just pointing u where u can find information.

There is animation creating feature within photoshop. Please Read the link.

There a topic on “tweening” in the above link.


You can also turn a single image into a animation
(Search YouTube )

Think you can import previous animations and export to pngs and visa versa

I have converted a mpeg video using my phone camera into a png animation in photoshop

So photoshop is not limited as you thought. Photoshop as advanced since 2021

Only thing is i am using a monthly subscription cc photoshop so i agreed with u it might not be affordable even if it does the job

Hello @Knightwing - thank you so much for all the helpful tips and support! Let me go through your suggestions and tips and hopefully this will prove a workable path… Thanks again.

Hi, this thread is have some additional tips. Maybe better help.

You can ask questions there too.

Check this blog

Hello @Boshra - thanks for the link! This is very useful since it summarizes the process in detail while also mentioning any requirements/options…