Animation frames are too choppy and unnatural!

Animation frames are too choppy and unnatural.
If you switch to Galaxy watch studio Converter, it plays normally, but
The animations newly produced by Watch Face Studio are
It’s so unnatural and disconnected.
We’ll send you a *.WFS file if you need it for a solution.
It’s such a big problem.
High-definition 3D rendered animation
In WFS, it is displayed as a low-quality frame.
This is a serious problem. :worried:

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I mentioned this also. I didn’t realize that the converter actually did a better job - I’ll have to try that. You’re right, the animations created in WFS are complete garbage.

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Is this in the Run Window Pain, on the Android Emulator or Watch.
If you can s**ubmit this to support as a Tech Support Request** we can look at it.

Samsung Developer Relations

I was assuming he meant on the watch itself. That’s where my issue is with this.

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This issue has been fixed and will be released in the next version of WFS.

Thank you.

After the latest WFS update the animation is smoother, but i have seen the following problems.
When upscaling a lower full face resolution animation it will become choppy but if you have the same animation pre upscaled it will be smoother.