Latest Samsung Health Wear OS App Update Brings Serious Short Text Complication Step Counter Bug

Hi , i received an update of Samsung Heath Wear OS app .

After the update the watch faces that had step counter with use of short text complication or customizable short text complications with user have started
to have a very serious issue. when tapped the screen stays blank.

Where as the steps counter made with tag expression are working fine.

I cross checked and confirmed with my watch4classic 46mm on latest firmware
it is Samsung health wear os app issue because when i uninstalled the update from watch by going into watch play store. I tested again the complication step counter starts working again.

Then i installed the Samsung Health app again and tested and then screen stays blank
those step counters made in watch face with tag expression for step count are working fine and do not have this issue.

i have also reported this via the app review on play store of Samsung health wear OS app.



I just checked 2 other watchfaces downloaded from playstore called Chester Dark and Classic Win Sport V2

Both have the steps short text complications and when you tap on steps the screen goes blank and stays like that.

The number of this latest Samsung Health Wear OS App is and it was updated on watch4classic on 29 Nov.

After uninstalling update which restores firmware the watchface short text steps tap to open starts working again.

I’ve noticed the same issue today, when steps shortcut is tapped, it just opens a black screen instead of steps in S Health.
I’ve also received complaints from users that they’re seeing it too, on different watch faces.
This should be a priority fix!

I think it’s problem in S-health, not WFS

This is not just with the steps, but also with daily activities.

S Health app is full of bugs / errors connected with complications data.

As I understand it, S Health has not been updated to the newer Wear OS powered by Samsung platform so the SHealth apps that worked before do not work now. Also the latest version of Samsung Health does not have the same information as the older version had.

Samsung Developer Relations

Are there any indications when we can expect the S Health update that will fix this bug with the Steps shortcut not working?

Steps is one of the most often used shortcuts, I expected it would be considered a priority and fixed quickly, but it’s been almost two weeks.
This is causing tons of unsatisfied users and negative feedback, over something we can’t control.

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This doesn’t seem to happen with the preinstalled watch faces but does with the WFS created ones. I’ll see if the WFS team has a reason why. They have contacts with the Samsung Health team.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron

I just updated my Galaxy Wearable Application on phone and everything is now broken using comps all the text is missing and even screens are gone some users have just message me with the same issues.

I can confirm that. :unamused:

Hi Ron, this also happens with Android Studio (non-WFS) created watch faces. A lot of complications from S Health / Weather app are broken. Shortcuts are not working / custom complications are broken, complications icons are low res. Let’s hope next S Health update will not remove steps complication - heart rate complication was removed rather than fixed with the latest update.

One of the other complications errors - weather icon is not updated so even at 21:00 it shows the sun. (Clicking on weather to open weather app or tile is not working too)


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Are you on an Android or Apple phone? This isn’t the version I have on my Samsung mobile and I just updated it Monday.

I can contact the product manager for Wear OS if I have more information,


I have same version on my Note 20 Ultra, but without problems

I have also same version. Everything works.
EXCEPT STEPS COMPLICATION staying black and the
Watch labels become blank.

Confirmed to me also by users

I dont know about you people but everytime galaxy wearable updates or the watch4 plugin gets updated
My watch4classic 46mm refuses to connect to Note20 Ultra and i have to factory reset the watch to pair again this is really nonsense when compared to Tizen.

Same here, Steps Complication staying black and the
Watch labels become blank.

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I thought i was alone in the blank label issue

Hello ron I have the same problem with my last watchface which was created in WFS. Only the colors are displayed in the wearable app.

I have a Samsung Galaxy ZFold 2 5G model number SM-F916B (Its provided by Samsung as I test devices for my company so not sure if this means anything as other users have same issue.)

A good example of this is my latest watchface it has lots of custom options most are broken now , built with WFS 1.0.12 -

Yes, unfortunately the problem is relevant and users complain that they get a black screen when they click on the selected complication, for example, steps, I hope this will be fixed in the near future.