Binaries do not meet the category conditions

I have designed an app and follow all instructions, At one level I face this issue.
Steps I follow to upload the file.

2- I Prepare the app binary file (APK)
3- Login Seller Store and Add new application
4- Select type, Language, Add new application & Upload ICOn
5 - Select the category
6- Add binary
7- Error I am facing: The registered binaries do not meet the category conditions for Galaxy Specials

I am a new in-app development and company Aqua Hygiene water filter Dubai hire me as a freelancer app developer please help me is the

You must use a Samsung API to upload to the Galaxy Store and that is the error you are getting. You can upload it to Play Store so all Android users can get it not just Samsung users.

If for some reason you must have it in the Galaxy Store then you can sneak it in. See this thread from Stack overflow. but I don’t know if that still works.

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