Wht Register AAB binary is disabled

I wish to upload an app bundle for my app but the Register AAB binary option is disabled.
i emailed samsung support but no reply even to this day.

Anyone have any idea why this is so?

Welcome to the Samsung Developers Forum. Where do you want to submit your app? Is it the Galaxy Store or the Play Store? And what type of app, is it Android or Watch or any other app?

hi. galaxy store and just an app.

i have no problems uploading to play store.

You need to generate a signing key. I am shifting your query to the seller portal domain. You may get some help from there and you can also check that similar issues you are facing may be discussed here already.

yes. i am aware one needs to generate a signing key. my issue is that the ui is disabled. radiobuttons cannot be clicked so how can i upload to begin with?

Did you try to contact the Seller Portal support team? I think they may help you in this case.

yes. no reply. emailed them 3 weeks ago.

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The Seller office generally will not respond to the same question more than one time.

To upload an Android App to the Galaxy Store you must be an Corporate Commercial seller status.

That means be verified by DUNS number that you are a Corporate Seller (Business even if it is one person business) and have a Financial Bank and proof of that to be a Commercial seller.

If you are then let me know and I can contact you in private message and see if I can help.

Samsung Developer Relations

hi @r.liechty_SDR my issue is not being able to upload an android app to the galaxy store. my app has been up for years. but i only get to upload APKs not AABs.

So my question is why can’t i upload? the options are disabled.

so i have to register myself as a corporate seller? but i am only an individual. i am not a company. does this mean this is not possible?

No you can be an individual but must be a business even if you are only selling Free apps. This went into effect last year.

It depends on your country in the US it is simple you go to the local county office and apply for a doing business as (DBA) and they give you an alias (one that you ask for) that allows it to be used for banking and advertising. You then register that with Duns and Bradstreet as a DUNS number for verification.

For other countries you may have to pay a fee, register for taxes, or other legal material to become a business. For some countries you may have to go through a D&B partner for that country.
I’m not telling you to do this but if you were an Apple Developer they have a way for international companies to register directly through D&B avoiding the partners.

But in any case to upload new content or change the current content you now need to have the DUNS verification and be a business.

Samsung Developer Relations