Bitmap font error


While I’m using WFS, I’ve realized that there’s bitmap font error only in mac version program.
I just wanna ask if you guys have same issue as me.

  1. Set the bitmap font
  2. Select month tag and go to bitmap font settings.
  3. Set from Jan to Dec by images.
    → I cant see all image fonts in preview mode, but images disappear when i see it after after run on device.
    → I did same process in PC version program, and it works well.

Did anyone who has same issue and is there a solution for this?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Loejun,

I’ve seen this when the default language is not English The strings have to be a perfect match. Mac uses a different NL and CR (swap from normal ASCII) that may be the issue.

Can you report this as a bug and include a project that uses the same bitmap images.

Thank you bro,

I could fix it by setting language I wanted to show.
(didn’t know this…)

Thank you again,


That is the problem with Bitmap fonts if there isn’t an exact match it shows nothing. I think the GWS tutorial pretty much works with WFS with some minor differences.

Samsung Developer Relations