WFS 1.0.12 Month in bitmap font not visible

Only after 12 months pictures dounload it visible

Look here

The way bitmap work it replaces what is mapped and ignores everything else, You can’t just do a bitmap on one month.

Also it won’t work for Non English words in the WFS run window but should when installed on a watch that has those.

Finally as SG said some months are more than 3 characters and those don’t get remapped.


On watch galaxy watch 4 month and day of week not visible ( bitmap font)


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I don’t know about Russian but there is a report about Japanese not showing up and that was fixed in a firmware update
What software version do you have, I see a bug report that the original Watch4 didn’t work for Japanese being bit mapped but did after a firmware update late last year.

If your bit map are not the same exact characters as the ICU library has they will not show up. If you are sure they are can you open a support request? If you can create a stripped down watch face that duplicates this that would be very helpful.

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I had the same problem in Galaxy Watch Studio, was able to solve it, and had the same problem in Watch Face Studio, and solved it the same way.

This is what I did:

  1. Change the bitmap font option to text option, temporarily.

  2. After changing the bitmap font the text option, set the language setting to English USA.

  3. Set the tag to abbreviated day (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc) and abbreviated month (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc).

  4. Make sure the the text setting is set to Tt (not TT or tt)

  5. Change the text option to bitmap option.

  6. Chose your bitmap images for the days or month.

That’s it.

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And how to check it if you don’t have your own watch?

I’m not really sure. I would suggest you to get a used smartwatch.

I waited for a long time to get a Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch. I finally bought a used Galaxy Watch 4 online, which is still in good condition and only cost me 275 dollar instead of 549 dollar.

The easiest way is to have someone you trust that has a watch build it and test it for you.

I’m not sure I explained it correctly remapping them for Languages other than English does not work in WFS preview only on the watch.

For proof of concept make one with English (US) default and Russian 2nd language. Remap both US and Russian stings for day and month and then set the default to English (US) you will know it is working.

If it was in the US Store you could beta test it but I don’t know how to beta test in Play Store.

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