Blank screen when testing hosted web app on TV

Hello community! This is my first attempt in developing a hosted web app for Samsung Smart TVs. Everything is working fine in the emulator on my laptop, however, when I try to test the app on an actual Samsung TV, it just gives a blank screen. The app was successfully installed on the TV, as I can see the app icon in the TV apps menu and I can also enter the app. However, once I enter the app, I am simply seeing a blank grey screen.

I have tried to use Debug As instead of Run As, however, the web inspector is completely blank as well (maybe the HTML file was not even loaded?). Anyone knows what could be the issue here? I’m not sure if it’s a certificate issue, as the app got installed on the TV successfully… Please help me :frowning:


Please login to Seller Office TV and put your query in the 1:1 Q&A section.