Blinking function

Hello Dear Samsung friends
I would like to find out how to make some object to be blinking by another conditions.
I am sure it should be possible by opacity expression but how to connect it with ex. kcal?
Main function should be like this :-.> If kcal reach some value - objects starts blinking.
Can anyone help?


  1. to do that you need to create a small animation that simulates that it is flashing, then using a expression tag you can make it appear and disappear.

  2. Another solution is to create two still images of the kcal, then by means of a tag you can make one hide and the other to be shown depending on the amount of kcal burned, then so that one of them blinks you can use the timeline of the seconds and create a loop.

  • Important note:
  1. in the first option the animation will be automatically hidden in the AOD Mode.

  2. in the second the flashing image will be automatically hidden in the AOD Mode.

  • Recommendations:
    always leave a still image in AOD Mode.

Hello, you can simply put expression like this into opacity ((([kcal]<1000)+([s]%2>0))>0)*100 and it will start slowly blinking when more than 1000kcal are counted.

That’s it Thank You so much

Dear Peter

PLease help me with my specific example.
In order to represent calories bargraf I have been pushed to figure out some expression to each part of those bargraf. To each part of this bargraf I have used follwing expression
([kcal]>=X)*([kcal]<=X+300)? 100 :0 - where X is the exact value.
For my last bargraf I would like to have exactly the same expression but also blinking , in order to know that calories value reached max value.
I hope you will undesratnd me what I really wnat to do.

Thank You in advance

I am not sure if I understand what do you mean by bargraf, maybe you could share some screenshot of it, when we are already sharing ideas.
For example this expression in opacity (([kcal]>700)*(([kcal]<1000)+([s]%2>0))>0)*100 should make whatever element visible only after 700kcal is counted, and later make it blinking after 1000 is reached. Tested only on GWD…

Great Thanks
This is exaclty what I wanted to have

Dear Peter
another tricky question for me. I would like to represent kcal as the gauge value as below screen

Would you like to tell me how the white circkle should be set (angle, pivot) in order to have maks value 3kcal as you can seen onto screenshoot. Motion of this hand is ccw.
Start value in arc is 74deg, and end is 300 deg = 225dec=3000kcal.
Can you advice?
Best regards

Hello again, what I see on the screenshot, does not match what you describe.
I guess the pivot angle (start) should be about 255° and then rotate 0 times and about 135°.

I have not fresh experience with calories on my watch, but I think there was some kind of error in the conversion by 1000, maybe you will have to check the end value 3000000 if it does not move much.

Hello Peter ,

I finnaly figure out what pivot and angle this white circkle should has and in GWS it works well , however when I uploaded it into watch it shows maks (3000 kcal while my current calories status is 500kcal burned). Do you know what could be the reason ?

Best regards

I do not know, my guess is, when on watch your watchface is trying to display value of 500000cal instead of 500kcal. I would try to adjust the end value to 3000000.

It’s me again :slight_smile:
I hope you are well and you would help me again.
I would like to prepare such face where straight line with seconds digits will go through the watchface. Effect something like scrolling digits of the seconds. This effect I have seen in some watchfaces.
I am wondering how to do that with expresion to make this line to be moved through the watch. It would be great if such effect wil have sweepy motion. I think it is ease but , what is gonna happen when called "seconds line reached the 60 sec. / 1min. How to make this line to start again going through in order to have an expression that this line is like loop.
Prepared simple line with seconds and watch face to be better understood.

How to make this line looped - ?
Best regards

Easiest way to loop it would be making it circular. OK, jokes aside, moving along ticking x pixels each second is easy: start value+[s]*x (maybe you will need to change the sign to negative for your direction). Once [s] is used there should appear a check box for sweeping effect. I am not sure how it works now in 2.0, but to make it sweeping continuously would probably need two such strips in same place. One would cover the area while the other is sweeping back to start. Look in this thread, maybe you get some idea: