Tag for blinking dots


While I’m working on watch face, I have a question of tag.
Could you tell me which tag should I use
if I want to make colon image blinking every 1 sec?

Thank you in advance.

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For example like this



Try it, this working
([SEC]%2) * 80 +([SEC]+1)%2 * 20

스크린샷 2021-10-15 오후 10.03.13
since I use image of colon, can’t apply what you told me.

스크린샷 2021-10-15 오후 10.03.21
I’ve attatched your code in tag field above, but it’s not working.

The code @Peter showed you works. I’m not sure which you tried to apply it to, but from what you are showing you may be looking in the wrong place. You need to apply it to the transparency in the COLOR field:


Note: The method @Peter showed you starts the blink on the second for half a second, and then off for the other half of the second. He also has it set to still show slightly when it is “off” at 20% transparency which looks great.

If by chance you wanted to have it completely disappear when “off” you would need to change the code to the following:

0 + [SEC_MSEC]%1<0.5?100:0

The code example @spo1606239684 showed you is on for a full second and off for a full second and repeats. So they have given you some good options. :slight_smile:


I am sorry, I forgot to mention, the expression has to go in the opacity field (it is not described, but is showing 100% by default). Since I have seen only question about tag, I assumed you knew where to put it.

Thank you so much, I can adjust it with your fomula.