Blinking text Heart Rate

Hello, I use the following formula to measure the pulse
Is it possible, to display the text flashing, when the pulse is measured?

Yes it is possible. Just keep there text field with [HR] and set its opacity to some base for example 30 and expression like:

Thanks for your help Peter, but I get an error becauce of the word “floor”


I thought I told you to put that word in the tag expression field of the opacity settings, not directly in the text. In the text keep only [HR]
But maybe it needs to be in brackets too. like

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Now I have understood it. Unfortunately, the blinking does not work, floor is underlined in red in the formula. I have tried both formulas.
The transparency goes down, that works, but the text does not flash.
Thanks a lot for your help!

sorry, I put in use wrong function. it should be more like
or [HR_IS_MEASURING]==1?70*(round([MSEC]/1000)):70


Hello @Peter , you are my hero! The two formulas work just as I wanted them to.
Thank you very much for your help!

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