Bluetooth dual audio usage

Hi there.
I had a really bad experience with dual audio delay lately, so i grabbed my stuff and started reading documentation after documentation to try to make an app to adjust the delay on each playing bluetooth device.
Sadly, not found a single mention about dual audio or anything like that for android.

Is it even possible with/without root access?

Dual audio means different music in two channel? for example: one music through bluetooth headphone or another music with speaker or something like that?
Its supposed to unavailable from 3rd party applications. It would be the reason of nothing found in internet.

Something like that. This is about the bluetooth 5.0 dual audio stream feature.

I would like to copy the audio source and add latency to it and stream to the other bluetooth speaker at the same time with a bit of latency.

So this is not possible?

As far as I know two different audio in different channel at the same time is not possible.