Bluetooth audio streaming distorts in Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 mobile is connected with PA Bluetooth speakers (brand JBL) via both BLE (to control the speaker parameters) and A2DP ( for audio streaming).

Audio streaming via Bluetooth speaker distorts, when BLE connection with the same speaker is active.
Once BLE connection is removed, Audio streaming is smooth and no distortion happens.

Steps followed to reproduce the issue,

  1. Enable Bluetooth in the mobile.
  2. Perform A2DP connection with Bluetooth speaker.
  3. Open any APP supporting BLE pairing (example, LightBlue App) and connect with the same speaker.
  4. Now stream audio on the Bluetooth speaker via Spotify / Amazon Prime.

Audio distortion happens if the same steps are performed.
Mobile device used to reproduce the issue: Galaxy S10 and S20.
Issue was not reproducible in S22 Ultra. Issue seems to exist in certain Samsung Models only.

Please find the attached Bluetooth logs.
btsnoop_hci.log (97.8 KB)

Hello vinothrajendran4edx,

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Is the issue reproducible in any of the newer Samsung Galaxy devices? If so please create a ticket in the Developer Support Portal with the dumpstate log and other information about the issue. Hopefully our teams will be able to provide you with some insights regarding the issue.

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Samsung Developer Relations

Hi @Ahsan , thanks for the update.
But i was not able to post in developer support . I get the following popup.

Please let me know, if URL is correct

I think the URL is correct. I have the same URL
You may try after a time gap or a different browser or clearing the cache.

Thanks @Boshra . I was able to raise the request .

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