Bug-customizable "favorite contact" shortcuts

Galaxy team rejected my watch face (for GW4) due to a bug in custom shortcuts (favorite contact):

  1. Dial with customizable labels
  2. Open the watch face settings
  3. Scroll to button settings
  4. Select a favorite contact
  5. Finish setup
  6. Open favorite contact
  7. Close with red button
  8. PROFIT! Custom shortcut - doesn’t work

I have no idea what you are talking about this looks like you are using GWS that has buttons but WFS has action. You can’t create watch faces for GW4 with Galaxy Studio.

Can you clarify this bug with correct terminology? I’m sure we can help you then.

Samsung Developer Relations

I am using GalaxyWatchStudio.

For custom shortcuts, I use “small image”.

  1. Open the watch face settings

  2. Scroll to button settings

  3. Select a favorite contact

  4. Finish setup

  5. Open favorite contact

  6. Close with red button

  7. PROFIT! Custom shortcut - doesn’t work. No longer works on touch.

Didn’t notice that this was repeated with other applications. Selected contact only.

Hi Roman,

I believe you are saying when the user selects an app shortcut and restarts the watch it does not retain the setting? And this only happens with the Favorite Contacts.

You said Galaxy Team Rejected for this I’m not sure what Galaxy Team you are talking about but I can report it and if it isn’t a WFS issue they can report it to the Platform team.

If this was a seller portal issue then please let me know that.

Samsung Developer Relations

I will send you an email with a video. Email subject: “Bug-customizable“ favorite contact ”shortcuts”

I got it,

I’m not sure but it appears to be a platform issue. The WFS team will forward it on to the platform team if it is.

Samsung Developer Relations