Store Rejections Short Text Complications x6

Testing on emulator in WFS and real watch all work 100% of the time even from the Galaxy Wearable app.

But yes the Google play team always fail , I have changed the default to other settings and its just perfect for me I really give up with publishing what should be simple features.

I’ve already reported this bug to WFS dev team. Hopefully they will release new version with the fix soon.

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Check out the new reasons its now crashing the watch lol and it fails on other watches I have only Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 selected as compatible device.

i had same issue with world clock i fixed it in following way.

i was using world clock as a default selection on the complication which produced same result as mentioned above the steps complications and others were turning to world clock.

i just changed the default selection to battery and made it available customizable to user. when i did this and then tested complication again on watch it started working fine.

But there is one bug i found which doesnt resolve that is when you are using icon text and title all displayed the HPA icon shows text HPa and icon at same time

EDIT The bug stil) exists it can be reproduced if you select world clock and then switch it off by display to none in complications menu it returns and craps over the other complications selected. The only way to get rid is to put steps as a selection and then after a minute or so change to no display or other exvept world clock

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