WFS Feature Requests Q4 2023

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Samsung Developer Relations

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  • Allow to edit the XML as text;
  • Add “BooleanConfiguration” tag;
  • Allow to add more than one “ColorConfiguration”;
  • Allow to add up to 100 colors (if im not wrong xml format allows that);
  • Improve the ternary operator “creation” (create an UI… or at least highlight the selected parenthesis);
  • Add option to simulate complications (for screenshots);
  • “Properties” and “Run” sidebar as popup/window;
  • Option to save custom tag code;
  • Improve the “Run on device” so we dont have to pick the same device every time;
  • Allow to drag the watchface draw (right now we can only zoom in/out and scroll up and down)… at least add horizontal scrollbar…


Play Store Guideline only allows 8 complications on an active watch face and discourages them from the AoD watch face.

I’ll note all your other suggestions.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi request that to make adb debugging from WFS easier
scan for device to work and able to find compatible device on the network, as for now scan for device does not find anything and we have to enter the connection details manually every time the connection is disconnected or restarted…

Sorry not sure if this considered a bug or a request

I’d like the ability to export a projects custom color pallet. I just spent about 3 hours with ChatGPT feeding it seed colors and it replied back with some very impressive color combinations. I ended up with 15 color choices and it occured to me that I have no way of exporting the HEX code list for easy use in another project.

In that it’s possible to import and export the Text ID data points, I can’t see this being very difficult at all, in fact I’m confident the custom color pallet is stored as a database within WFS.

Another request (I’m sure it’s been brought up already, but…) is the ability to save specific groups of elements for import into another project. As of now the only way I can think of to accomplish both of these requests is to build a template WFS file with the colors, fonts, and common grouped elements I like to use, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time I build a project.

It would be much more elegant to have the ability to export and import lists of colors and part groupings.

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Yes that is the typical way to do it. What is weird is you can import the graphic resources from the older Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen. I think there already is a couple request similar to yours if not the same thing. I’ll check and add this if there isn’t.

Samsung Developer Relations

-Add a memory budget usage calculator, or at least used resources size counter/summarizer
-Add tap actions, to increase, decrease or reset variables, that can be used as tags.

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Hi Peter.

Add a memory budget usage calculator, or at least used resources size counter/summarizer

I agree I already asked the team to do something like that, it seems as essential as the OPR value.

Add tap actions, to increase, decrease or reset variables, that can be used as tags.

Ahh the Holy Grail as someone else said. If the watch face can remember what complications are being used when the watch face is changed and reset then they surely can remember a simple number. :slight_smile:


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Appreciated very much. I’m looking at using WFS to create the design and then massage the WFF it produces as a workaround.