[Bug] Regression: HTML5 download not working if there's a JS delay

A download using the HTML5 download anchor attribute can no longer be initiated, if the event handler function has some sort of delay. Try clicking the buttons in this demo: https://codepen.io/marto55555/pen/xxZbJqX?editors=1010.

This used to work in Samsung Internet and still works in Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox, iOS 13 Safari.

Last working version: Samsung Internet
First non-working version: Samsung Internet


Hello @mar1591347657,
You can try contacting Samsung Developer Support for reporting this issue.

Thank you for letting me know. I’ve just sent a report there.

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Did you get an answer? here is an answer https://trymobilespy.com/who-is-my-bf-texting/ on how to read your bf text messages.

Yes, I was told they will pass the feedback to the devs. But for now, we have to notify Samsung Internet users about manually disabling Block Automatic Downloads.

My apologies that you haven’t gotten timely feedback from us on this issue. I tested it myself and confirmed the problem you’re seeing. I have asked our engineering team for an update.


sadly i have the same problem i’ll be happy if you share your answer if your problem is solved