XHR request to Firebase Functions stays hanging on Samsung Internet Browser 14

Our app uses the Firestore and Firebase Functions. To save an order, we call a https callable Firebase Function like this:

try {

  const setMealplanOrder = fn.httpsCallable("setMealplanOrder");
  await setMealplanOrder(newOrder);

  return true;

} catch (error) {
  console.log("🚀 ~ file: saveOrder.tsx ~ line 158 ~ save ~ error", error)
  Sentry.captureMessage("Error saving order, possibly on Android?" + error);

It works and has worked on all devices, until a few days old Samsung update to Android 11 and Samsung internet 14. Now, the XHR request from await setMealplanOrder(newOrder) is just stuck. The console is empty, with no errors.

enter image description here

Any idea what could it be? Or how to debug this?

Additional notes:

  • Interestingly, when I connect the phone to the app on a localhost, it works perfectly.

Hi @robertwolf ,

Thank you for your interest in the Samsung Internet Browser. We are very sorry to hear about your inconvenience.

Since you are trying to communicate with the Firebase cloud server, the issue you are facing might be due to network errors/configuration. As you mentioned, the issue is not present when you host your app on a localhost.

We would like to request you to check your network configuration and firewall settings.
We would also like to request you to check if the same behaviour also occurs on the latest version of Chrome Browser.

Hopefully, these steps will help identify and resolve your issue.
For any further queries please feel free to reach out to us by replying to this post.

Best Regards,
Samsung Developer Program