Bug when using theme on a progress bar

When I try to apply the theme color on any progress bar, the preview on the Watch Face Studio app shows the right color, however when I install it on my watch the color becomes darker (both text and progress bar have the same theme applied)

(screenshot feom Watch Face Studio)

Screenshot Wear OS
(screenshot from watch)

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I haven’t seen any “Me Too” so I"m not sure if this is just your one theme or there is something else.
If you see this in more than one theme please create a support request. I don’t have a Watch4 to test on.

Samsung Developer Relations

Could it be the brightness setting on the watch is too dark? Perhaps include other items that are not part of the theme to compare as well to rule out it is related to the theme.

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Actually, this progress bar issue is indeed related to the one that I posted.

Here’s everything I have on this issue:

  • it happens with elements that have multiple styles (watch hands, indexes, images…), and if you remove the extra styles, the colors appear normally on the watch
  • it happens with progress bars
  • it happens only when theme colors are applied (if it only has one default color, then it appears correctly on the watch)
  • it doesn’t really make the colors darker, it’s making them visibly more saturated; that’s why this issue doesn’t occur with blue, green, red, cyan, pink, yellow, white and, of course, black (basically colors that have either of the red/green/blue set at 255 or at 0)