Multiple theme style pages

I downloaded an awesome watch face by @amoledwatchfaces and it had 2 style pages for the same asset and another color (style) page for a different asset.
How lol?
Is this through Android studio or can it be done in WFS?

Hi. Thanks :slight_smile:
No magic behind this. Two same layers, same position. First style of the 2nd layer (on top) is fully transparent :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s just a workaround. As soon as WFS gets 20 styles for same elements I change it :smiley:

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oh I see, very smart.
What about the clock color? how did you get that into its own color (theme) page?

The progress bars are using style option for image (limited to 10). Font color is using general color style setting (currently limited to 30 colors)

I see, I’ll have to try that. I’m obsessed with the owl face lol I think it’s awesome, very clever design. Thanks for answering my questions.