Colors displayed differently on the watch, than they are in WFS

Not sure if this has been reported, but when you set multiple theme color palettes to, let’s say, a watch hand that has multiple hand styles, then some colors become darker on the watch than they are in WFS (and it happens to all the hand styles). If you remove the extra hand styles from that watch hand, then the colors are displayed adequately, they are on the watch exactly like in WFS. This happens to any element that has extra styles, not only watch hands.

Weirdly enough, it doesn’t happen with all the colors, so I tried to find a pattern, maybe it only happens with colors that contain blue, but I couldn’t find anything in common. Of course, I also tried resetting the watch and reinstalling WFS, switching the order of the colors, reducing the number of the colors, used different elements (hands, indexes, images) and many other things, but nothing worked.

If anyone could try this and get back to this topic, I would much appreciate, I am still not sure if this issue is only on my end or not, I only have one Watch4 and one PC to test on. Thank you!

Could you please share the exact reproduction steps of your issue?
Thank you.

  1. Add a simple white (FFFFFF) image.
  2. Go to the STYLE tab, ADD STYLE, select a random image.
  3. Create a THEME COLOR PALETTE with the color light blue (00AAFF).
  4. Go to the PROPERTIES tab and check “Apply Theme Color” to that image.
  5. Run the watch face on the device.
  6. Notice that the color of the image will be blue (0000FF) on the watch, instead of light blue (00AAFF) as it is in WFS.

Note that this issue occurs when items (hands, indexes, images etc.) contain multiple styles, occurs with progress bars too, but only if theme colors are applied.

If an item has multiple styles, but it has a fixed color (no theme color applied), then it’s displayed properly. Also if it’s an item that has no multiple styles, then the theme colors are all displayed properly.

It doesn’t happen with colors that have red/green/blue specifically set at either 255 or 0 (does not happen with blue, green, red, white, yellow, cyan, pink or black, anything else will be displayed with increased contrast).