Bugs in Galaxy Themes for once every second or third device

I have tried to use samsung galaxy themes in 6-7 samsung devices. And some of them have critical bad behaviour for galaxy themes app.

For instance, my c9 pro does’nt shows the apply button for any wallpaper or theme downloaded. So all my purchased stock is left worthless as I am unable to apply them. It shows the download progress but then nothing , no apply set or install option.

Another instance, my galaxy tab A doesn’t allow to install app that this app is not optimised for the device.
Plus even when I install it then, it ask for phone and contand contacts permissions but it app info page in settings it says no permissions required.

Please if anyone can put any light on this, worth a dime.
Thankyou for this open forum.

Please anyone one who can provide their input on this, i will be greatly gratified. Please put some Intel breakthrough on this above query positively.

Themes are device and OS Specific A theme written for Android 10 may not be compatible with and Android 9 device. A Galaxy S10 Theme may not be compatible with Galaxy Tab A device.

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