Error code 999 on theme builder website

I have been attempting to upload my wallpaper to the galaxy office per the instructional video, but the upload gets halfway done and then stops and gives me an error code of 999 with no other explanation. I’ve searched the forum, but I can’t find anyone else experiencing this error. Any ideas what this means? Thank you.

I’m receiving this error code too! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unamused:
And when creating themes version 2020 I can’t download or even in test preview mode.

I have already reported here I can't export APK and I have already contacted support through the portal and nothing has been resolved.
In order to download the APK and test it, I connect my phone to the computer and use SAMSUNG DEX. Strange that there, Google Chrome downloads and gives no error. Both on my desktop and notebook computer (with Windows 10 and Google Chrome updated) both do not download and give error.

Ah ok, I see. I read your “can’t export APK” post but I didn’t connect that you were getting the 999 error too. I can export ok (it would seem!) but I can’t seem to get any further than that.

I hope we can get some answers on this soon.

I’ve reported this to the seller portal team there is also a disruption to the Galaxy Badges sign on and this may be related.

Try this later today or tomorrow.

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Hi Ron, thanks for the info yesterday. As of this morning, I’m still experiencing this issue. Any news about when this will be resolved? Thank you.

If it is still out at 20:00 GMT it isn’t the same issue login issue as the Badges.

You’ll have to report this to the seller portal 1:1 Enquiry or to the theme support channel.

Wish I could report it for you but I can’t.

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I have the same Issue, since Version 9.40w1, that answer from Premium Support is , the function is not support? What? It was working before 9.40w1 and make no sense, why it won’t work now?

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I was told that this issue was a problem uploading directly from the Theme Studio. As a work around you can login to seller office and upload theme APK directly from your local storage.

We have brought this to the attention of the Theme Studio development team.

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