Bugs (WFS 1.3.12 - release Nov. 15th)

Drag and drop does not seem to work properly with image styles.

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It’s same to me. I think a bug.

The number of Change Media through action Tap got reduced to 10. It would be great if it ciuld be changed to the previous maximum. Thank you.


BUG: visibility turned off for complication is not working on AOD.
Workaround: you need to turn off visibility of all complication elements like text, title & icon too.

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SMALL_IMAGE complication for app shortcuts also has this bug on AOD mode

I have to update this…
Hiding grouped elements is not working also in Active state. This needs urgent fix.

Anyone noticed an increased time when transferring the watch face from WFS to the watch? For me now it takes up to 4-5 minutes for a transfer to happen. In the previous version it might took up to 2 minutes maximum.

Looks like langloc ID_ID (Indonesia) is not working when all languages are selected for Date element. Can you check this?

Hello dear forum members. I really need help from the representatives of the developers of watch face studio for wear os. I have downloaded WatchFaceStudio_1.3.12. I uninstalled the old version and installed the new version. But I can’t compile the aab file in the updated application. I have already reinstalled the studio several times and rebooted the computer after and before the installation. Created a new key file. Disabled antivirus. I searched for all possible information on the Internet and already, when I despaired, I wrote here.

The old version of WatchFaceStudio_1.1.14 works fine for me, but I want to work on the new one. With the new version, I can install the watch face on the device. When I run the build file, the compilation is dressed unevenly. Shows 26%, 40%, 70%, 33% and displays the final message. But the aab file is not created.

Why is this happening? Does Watch Face Studio have a debug file? How to understand why this is happening? Help me please! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

There are some missing complications in the faces build with 1.3.12 for short text complication, for example Heart Rate, Body Composition, Blood Oxigen etc.
In the Health category, there are only Steps.

These options are from a watchface built with an older version of WFS:

Why all this issues and bugs, Samsung?
Why you complicated the watchface install procedure, confusing all the users??
You made our life a nightmare, now we have to respond to hundreds of messages and 1* reviews each days and tell users how to install watchfaces and how to set them as active watchfaces.
You even made a tutorial, because why not, we need a tutorial to be able to install a watchface!!!
Why you built such a bad experience for users and for developers alike???

Complication options depend on complication type. Your second screenshot shows complication option for ICON type or SMALL_IMAGE type complication while on first screenshot it’s most probably SHORT_TEXT complication type.

There is feature request for merged complication types. Hopefully it will be added soon :slight_smile:

It’s same wf built with 2 different WFS versions, 1.2 7 and 1.3.12

SHORT_TEXT complication will never show you options like Heart Rate, Sleep, Daily Activity on Galaxy Watch 4/5 because these complication services are commented out in Samsung Health AndroidManifest.xml. (Samsung decision). If it’s really SHORT_TEXT complication and shows these options after rebuilding with older version, then please provide result of Heart Rate complication choice.

I’m pretty sure it’s a Short Text Complication.
Screenshot 2022-12-04 220600

I posted above the options provided for same WF built with 2 different WFS versions.

Okay, so try building with older WFS version and pick Heart Rate - if it really shows then you should get heart rate short text complication.

Am I the only one having this problem? ((