Notice of new version 1.4.19 (June 8th, 2023)

Hi all

Thanks to your interest and many bug reports, today we released new version 1.4.19. (download) You can find the fixed bug list(release note). Thanks you for your patience to wait the this version.
And regarding the issues with the rejections by Play Store, and we have informed them of the issue and expect it will be solved soon. I’ll let you know if it works normally again.

Thank you

  • This issue has been solved. Thank you for waiting.
    Error: Watch face cannot have any files in the root of the package

Hi @catherina00 , just tried uploading aab created with WFS 1.4.19, there is still some unknown issue

Error: Watch face cannot have any files in the root of the package

So I tried uploading clean watch face with the same package id and only one text element inside, result still the same.

Definitely some issue within WFS or Play Store

Edit: Is this problem what is mentioned in your post? (rejections) Could it be called: aab upload problem?

Sorry for this situation. We already have informed some issues of Play console but it hasn’t been solved yet. Please wait a little longer.


Of course :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update! Really appreciate your work and everything you and the WFS team have achieved

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Hi @catherina00 , there is another issue, definitely WFS related, which was not fixed yet

I think it’s critical because when using Steps Complication of Ranged_value type, watch face is getting force-closes when value (steps count) is higher than max value (steps goal):

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value must be between min and max

Many thanks to all the WFS Team for your hard work! :heart:


Sinjae added the comment in your original report. Please refer it.

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ok, so the upload problem still persists for everyone?

Another small issue, not resolved with 1.4.19

I can vouch what amoledwatchfaces say. This has not been fixed. When complication is set to none, it is set in empty and not removed. You still cannot touch any clickable elements under it, like you could on 1.3.XX or any previous version.

If this part cannot be changed though, for me, it’s not a big deal, but I can understand how it can be an issue for some.

I’d like to say thanks for fixing a lot of the major issues from the beta version. It’s been a blast using the updated watchfaces. Keep up the good and hard work!


Maybe not but isn’t this the same issue as FAQ 13?

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi @r.liechty_SDP , no, it’s something different.
Just set Circle complication slot and leave it on ‘Empty’ or set it to empty in customization menu. Tap action & animation will still work even when complication is completely disabled.


Thank you very very much Catherina and SDP team behind for the hardwork, most appreciated.

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Ahh yes nothing at all to do with FAQ 13. This sort of seems like expected behavior to me since a complication can be clickable. I’d think even if empty it is a layer above the other clickable one. I could see where it would be handy to have it.

Do you have an old watch face in the store that did this?

Samsung Developer Relations

It can be used to have some kind of heart rate complication combined with custom complication.

  1. You will add heart icon + [HR] text (can also group these and make the group clickable to open heart rate app).

  2. on top of it, you will add circle complication slot with black background. When the complication is set to empty, user will see heart rate, when complication is set to something different, user will see preferred custom complication provider.

This is perfect solution for Galaxy Watches, because two years after release there is still no SHORT_TEXT heart rate complication. With this, user can decide, if he leaves complication slot empty, he will see heart rate, if user doesn’t want to use heart rate, he can set something different.

Right now, this is achievable but empty complication slot is still clickable (and it definitely shouldn’t be). Because of this, heart rate tap action won’t work, because empty slot above it somehow still has ‘tap’ ability.

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So far, Play Store approved release of WFS 1.4.19 watch face will result in:

  1. permission request (wear play store)
  2. watch face will also lose ‘install to watch’ buttons from mobile play store app.
  3. only way to install is through web version of the Google Play.

Google is already working on it because in the morning, it was not possible to even upload aab.

We need to wait a bit longer I guess. I can’t recommend publishing to Play Store right now.

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Is it normal that the watch face studio it’s simply not saving any file ? (i tried to create a watch face but when i try to save nothing happens, neither when pressing save as. and possibly due to that when i try to run on device it just keeps loading infinitly and nothing happens.) i was trying to download an older version to test but it appears that older versions are deleted from the download page.

thanks for helping everyone!

Thank you for your hard work.

When is the official update schedule for the UI for Watch4 and 5?
Is using the latest version of WFS at this point useless for Watch4 and 5 users?

Small issue: I noticed that the “Long Text” complication (default with calendar events) disappears from the watch face after a while.

To display it again, we have to swap it with another watch face.


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