Notice and Hot fix plan for v1.0.11

Dear all

Today we released new version 1.0.11.
Thanks to @amoledwatchfaces we got the bug and decided to release additional hotfix urgently.

  • Known issue : Editable complications that support various layouts, such as “Icon+Text” and “Title+Text” of Short Text Complication, display only one layout.

This hotfix will be distributed soon.

Thank you


Yes. but the minutes are still seconds in ambient mode. Really frustrating.

Did you read that answer with understanding? :point_down:t2:

This is how it works and worked on older versions of WFS.

Thanks for the new version does it fix the HR bug every user gets and stops the review process from rejecting every watch face you submit.

Im seeing issues with selections on layers it seems to keep them selected

AOD is one minute late. When AOD is displayed, the time is OK, but after two minutes there is a delay of one minute. Until the screen switches to active. It’s ok on the PC, the delay is on the watch

Whats these new functions

That is not WFS issue that is the misunderstanding of how Heart Rate display works. FAQ 09 In other words the description is in Error. I think the review team is finally getting it but see this post and how to word the description.

Samsung Developer Relations

Something that Watch Face designs have been begging for for at least 4 years I’ve been doing this. They are Math Functions rounding off rounding down sin().

If you scroll down a bit you will also see Formatting numbers with leading zeros and other formats which has been one of the biggest requests for WFS

Samsung Developer Relations

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Are you saying this is new when built with v1.0.11 and ran on a Watch4 or that it is in the Run Window?

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, Ron, 1.0.11 and ran on Watch4

In the AOD, the screen is updated every minute. In other words, minute hand can not follow the intermediate angle reflecting seconds. When the mode is changed to AOD, the minute hand stops at the current orientation until next minute update. For instance, the minute hand’s orientation is 3 degree at 0 min 30 sec. If the screen goes to the AOD mode, then the minute hand can not move until 1 min 0 sec. At that time, the hand will rotates to 6 degree. When the time is 1 min 55 sec, the minute hand still indicates 1 min 0 sec (6 degree). I guess it explains why you can feel the time is delayed by up to 59 seconds. When the screen switches to normal mode, of course, every data including time is updated immediately.

This is the default behavior for AOD that has nothing to do with the released version.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you

Thx, for reply, but you’re wrong, because the clock is exactly one minute behind, even for digital clocks

I will have a look, thank you for the great report!

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To be honest, we could not reproduce the problem.
Could you share more information for this? You can share the .wfs file that can reproduce the problem on your side. If the issue only occurs on the device you have, you can follow the following issue reporting steps for further analysis.

  1. Run Galaxy Wearable app on the connected smartphone
  2. Connect the wearable device used in Galaxy Wearable app
  3. At the top left of Galaxy Wearable app, select More > Inquire > Send Error
  4. After creating an error, select ‘Send System Log Data’ and press the Send button in the upper right corner
    ※ If you send it within 2 ~ 3 minutes after error or inconvenience occurs, more accurate analysis is possible.

Thank you.

This was resolved with a system reboot please ignore thank you.

Fixed HR to be measured even in devices without body-off sensor.

Well this fix in the release notes seems to have helped just got a watch approved after recompile with new version.

Thank you!

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I’ll try a make a video with it. Later today or tomorrov

Hi, I’m having issues with Keystore in this V1.0.11. Not sure if its WFS or my PC.

  1. It does not recognize the Keystore Password that I have entered. Keep prompting “Please input key password”

  2. And if I skip to Create New Key, it then prompts “Keystore exists already”

I uninstall WFS 1.0.11 and reinstalled but issue persists.

Question, the original keystore created via GWS is in drive C while WFS is in drive D, this has anything to do (although I have matched the paths)?