Somewhat buggy still

I have been plaing around over the last few days, but have had mixed results. A lot works, but somethings don’t.

On the main face, this is how it should look:

this is how it actually looks:

Not everything is where it should be, one comp is missing completely, and I’m getting comps that are supposed to be only on AOD showoing up on the main display.

The AOD display is much worse! It should look like this, according to the app:

but it actually looks like this:

lots of comps that shouldn’t be visible on the AOD are still there

Anyone had any better luck?

What version of WFS are you using?

What are you seeing the differences in the work window or the preview Window or on a watch itself. All settings on the preview window are just exemplars (place holders) and the placement and look of them on a device is often different than expected.

For the World clock it seems to be a bit buggy on Watch and not all of the options are available.

For AOD showing things it isn’t supposed to I think I noticed this when you copy and paste a complication from Normal to AOD workspace.

If that doesn’t help I simple example would be useful.

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So I’m using 1.3.13

The designs in WFS look perfect (as you can see above). But on 5 Pro they look like they do in the images above.

Some of the complications are on the Normal face, and I made them “invisible” on the AOD by turning off the eye icon, but as you can see, they are still very visible on my watch (not on the preview).

In order to build in some burn-in protection for the AOD (the whole face moves every hour in a way I learned here in the forum) I have separate battery progress bars at the bottom on the normal and the AOD. Obviously I turn off the one I don’t want on each display (as you can see from the images) but on the running face on my 5 pro both versions are fully visible.

Does this help?

Hello, you need to hide also all elements individually inside every layout. This is a common issue of WFS 1.3.13.


Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean…what do you mean exactly when you say “hide also all elements individually inside every layout”?

Make them “invisible”. Every element means every text, title, icon inside every complication layout :slight_smile:

Each complication should act as a “group” so if you hide the complication it will hide all the items.
There is a bug in WFS 1.3.13 and that doesn’t work Tomas is saying to expand the complication and hide each item in the complication.
You can also Group one or more complications and hide the group and it will work as is should

I don’t have WFS 1.3.13 installed on a computer that can run on watch but I am thinking I tested this several months ago and it worked.


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Got it, I think I understand now. I’ve gone back through everything on the AOD, made the top level visible, made each individual element invisible, then the group invisible…testing it now…

So, that almost fixed it. One of the long text comps simply wont disappear in the AOD, but it looks much better now…

Should I be installing the beta?

Also, I tried to have a custom button in the centre of the watch to turn on the torch. Researching here I managed to download the app name for the torch,, and put it in as the app id for a custom app launch, but the button does nothing. Any ideas?

So, that almost fixed it. One of the long text comps simply wont disappear in the AOD, but it looks much better now…

You could put rectangle or image over it that is slightly larger than the complication and set it as the same color as the background for the AOD. If you want to submit a bug report on it we can look at the project and see. If you put pleas cc Ron I’d like to see it.

Should I be installing the beta?

I would not do that at your stage of development simply there may be a bug in it and you might think it is your bug or vice versa. v1.3.13 has bugs but is pretty stable.

Also, I tried to have a custom button in the centre of the watch to turn on the torch.

use monochromatic image complication and the customize to Flashlight.


Thank you for all the advice. I’ve tidied up my colour schemes a little (they are so hard to get right!!) and it’s looking pretty good.

use monochromatic image complication and the customize to Flashlight.

Not sure what you mean by this though? I’ve added a monochromatic image comp but there doesn’t seem to be an option anythere to add the torch as an action. when you customise the comp the torch isn’t there as an option, and the torch certainly isn’t there within the comp settings of WFS. What did you mean exactly?

Thanks again



One of the frequent contributors here @amoledwatchfaces has created a suite of complication that are superior for a Watch Face designer 's need and it was one of his that I was using, without thinking.

Complications Suite - Wear OS - Apps on Google Play

I believe there is no cost for the suite. I highly recommend it.

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Wow! This comps suite should be a sticky note, right at the top. The thing that got me into designing my own face was the lack of a torch on any faces I tried, and yet I would use this probably most days. So I was quite frustrated that I could not achieve this straight away. Enjoyed designing my own face anyway, but now that I’ve added a torch…brilliant.