Build APK in Android Studio

I’ve been trying to build my APK in Android Studio, so I can submit it to the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Have gotten a rejection twice, both times it says the exact same thing:

Unable to install application

Tested on Galaxy S20+ ROS


  1. Download application
  2. Install application
    [Expected Result]
    Application should be installed without error
    Along with an image that says: Error -22

But there are no instructions on how to build the APK in the first place.
Unless I missed something? Not sure what to do here.

Hope someone can help me.

I’m not an Android developer but I did do a look around on the net and one answer was you need to allow Samsung permission. It was an old message so I don’t know if it is still valid.

If the seller portal won’t give you more information open a request with developer support.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you Ron!
I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Have a good day.