Button open URL?

Is it possible to make a button on the watch face that opens a website / URL address?
This is the page http://steenmikkelsen.dk/vejr/vejrmobil-small.php

Hi @ste1594048583,

Currently, there is no such button option in GWS to open a website/URL address but you can open any 3rd party app. Apparently, the workaround can be, open a 3rd party app which will open your website/URL address in the browser.


There is a browser, Samsung Internet for the Galaxy Watch. It is free, you could open that if the user sets the default home screen to that web site. Or like Azad said have someone create an app that does this and call that.

You can ask more about that on the Samsung Internet discussion board here in this community…

Samsung Developer Program

Can you remember the name of the app ? Can’t find it…

Hi @ste1594048583,
I didn’t mean any specific app. It can be developed by you or any other developers for a watch having the facility to add a website/URL with a button. If there’s such an app you can find then you can accomplish your requirement. So far I haven’t any such app in my thought. Therefore, I would say you can exploit Ron’s idea with Samsung Internet browser regarding this.


What you can do, is to create a QR code and include it to appear at the push of a button.

You create an empty PNG file and you set it as button. On tap or double tap you change the image to your QC code.

Then if the QR code is scanned by a phone, it will redirect to the website you need. QR codes can be static or dynamic (meaning that you can change the destination later if you need). Usually the dynamic ones are paid.

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Thanks, but how and there can I make the QR code as an image

Hello, sorry for late response.

Just search in Google QR Code generator and you can find multiple websites that provide this functionality.

It is really easy!