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How can I create a button that opens a unique URL ?
By browser or by direct URL

Have this Browser install on my watch

You’ll need to use Tizen Studio and do it in code. Galaxy Watch Designer does not have this capability.

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Can I open my files from GalaxyWatchDesigner (*.gwd) in Tizen Studio, make the URL button, Save in Tizen Studio , and go back to GalaxyWatchDesigner and go on ?

I have never work vith Tizen Studio

Sorry know. The only thing you can do is ask a Tizen Studio App developer to create an app for you that does that.

You can then create a button and use the double tap option in GWS actions to open custom app. The end user will have to select your app and after that a single tap opens your app.

I wish there was a simpler way but that is about it.

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