Button - Custom - appID - don't work

I have created a button to open an application downloaded from the "Galaxy Store"
In “Galaxy store” I have pressed “share” and send an email to myself, and in this emailcopy the AppID.
This AppID is then inserted in the custom box, but when I press the button the application dont open.

What is the reasonof this error, - nothing happens.

See the picture!

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I’ve noticed that this trick does not always work.
You should use the App Switcher option.
for GWS for the button option set a double tap option and use app selector.

The end user on the watch double taps the first time selects any app on the watch and from then on they just single tap to open the app.

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This may get more feedback in the Seller forum rather than the Voting forum? :slight_smile:

I am sure you have already done this , but please make sure you have installed that app on your watch face

I can verify that this is an issue. I will find out if this is GWS issue or if the store hack doesn’t work anymore and ask that either GWS or Tutorial be fixed.

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