Camera FPS decline Issues due IDFS on S22 S21 S20 S10

Dear ALL and Samsung engineer,
I am camera engineer of BIGO,recently we had an issue with FPS decline due to IDFS on samung mobile, etc S22 S21 S20 S10.
Client package:
Reproduced path: enter bigolive App->go live-> (wait 3min ~ 10min) you can see the fps decline to 15fps,And it won’t go up again until I reboot the camera.(always issue!!!)

and when I dump the log it show some logs of IDFS:IntelligentDynamicFpsService: set fps as

we notice it seems change fps refer temperature.

But we do not know what is the temperature mean?it is cpu temperature、battery temperature or other paramter?etc thread nums、gpu.

could you please kindly help us to check this issue?

Well, if not an system issue, please tell us the condition that restrict the fps in order to improve our app.

Thank you.

we have post the issue to samsung social of china yet.

S22手机上有个IDFS服务导致使用bigolive直播app帧率下降 - 盖乐世社区 - 三星手机官方粉丝论坛

S22,S21,S20 IDFS导致使用bigolive直播帧率下降(always!!!) - 盖乐世社区 - 三星手机官方粉丝论坛

Looking forward to your reply,thank you

Hello, I think you might get better assistance if you submit a support request here

hello, do you mean the link below?