Can I get all health sensor signals to external api from samsung watch?

Hi Experts , I was wondering can I get all health sensor signals to external api from samsung watch ?
If yes , can some one tell me at a very high level what is the right way to do.
I am trying to collect all health signals and build an emergency service portal webpage where all gets displayed and logged.
Feel free to question if more info required!

Just to accurate You can’t get Samsung Health data but you can access the Sensor Data from your watch. It is up to you to interpret that data for information.

I moved this to the home Galaxy Watch forum but I suggest you move it to the Web, C/C++ or .net sub forum for the platform you are using.

Also check the documentation and examples on they have a lot of useful information and examples there as well as GitHub.

Hope this helps. If you can’t move it (using the pencil by the title) let me know where and I’ll move it to the proper place.

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Thank You Ron for your reply. I will go through examples on .
Also would ypu please move it to correct place, I am not able to find the right group.

Thank You again .

Hi Arnab,

What are you coding in, C/C++, Web or .net

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Hi Ron , I understand your question - web is my way.

But still I would like to ask you - since you are product expert, since my intention is to analyse all health sensor data and try predictive analytics in AWS , I am happy to change coding language… any advise? I need fast data with all data points .


The information you want is HERE


I am so happy to see that the issue have been solved. Please keep share this type of post ahead.

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