Can i get HRV,Gyro,Acc and send to server .Net Tizen

hello It’s my first time developing apps in the Samsung watch. Is it possible to, get the HRV, Gyro, Acc sensor of the watch and send it to a server at a regular interval? or store sensor data to SQLite and send it to a server at a regular interval? All help appreciated.

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Thanks for reaching Samsung Developer Community. Once you’re done with the Environment Setup & Getting Started guides Like Galaxy Watch - Build | Samsung Developers, Please check out the Device Sensor Guides & API references.

Device Sensors Guide | Tizen Docs
API References: Namespace Tizen.Sensor (

These guides & API references should be adequate for you along with these reference sample applications:

Samsung/Tizen-CSharp-Samples · GitHub

You also require user consent to read body sensor data.
Ref: Privacy-related Permissions | Tizen Docs

Tizen .NET supports the ‘.NET Standard API’. Once you’re done with collecting sensor data using Tizen APIs, you can use any popular C# .NET APIs for storing data like LINQ, SQLite. The same goes for the case of server communication, use popular C#.NET APIs for network calls. Might check any popular tutorials for the C# .NET storage & network communication.

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