Extract Health Data

Hello, we are trying to develop a Galaxy watch app that can read health data directly from the phone and sync with our own cloud server.

  1. Is it possible for the app to read health data directly from the watch?
  2. Is it possible for the watch app to collect data from Samsung cloud.

The very idea is - we do not want to develop a mobile app. Our users will use watch only and will not have mobiles.

Samsung Health is a proprietary program that reads and interprets sensor data on the watch. There is not public API for this at this time. You would have to be a Samsung Health Member in order to access such data. The partners services are not open for application at this time.

Bottom line is there should be a way to do this but only for partners and I’m not sure what level of partner this needs to be. If you open a support request they may be able to help or help you find a partner that will develop this for you.

Samsung Developer Program