Can watch hand image change every 30 minutes?

I am designing a “Mickey Mouse” type watch face where a cartoon characters arms are the watch hands. When they rotate halfway around, the characters “hands” become upside down. Is there a way to make the image change every time it passes the 12 oclock and 6 oclock possitions?

Use two watch hands and show or hide on the time line and loop using the conditional lines

Do the same for your hour hands. You can also use tags to show and hide opacity of the hands.

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I cant seem to make it work, i open timeline and make one for 0h to 6h and one for 6h to 12h, i highlight one and try to set visibility to on then the other one to off, but it changes both time periods every time not just the one highlighted

Hi, check other topics about timelines, some may give you a clue
for example here

I think it is because you only change the first 12 hours of the timeline. you need to do all 0-6, 6-12 , 12 -18, 18-00

It is kind of tricky delete the timeline then click on one frame and it highlights click again and it is bright then you can drag and drop to the entire time period. (see the bright end caps on the 12 - 18 hour you move them to stretch it out

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I figured it out !

I was making four 6 hr segments then trying to “hide” the image on 2 segments

What I needed to do is DELETE the segments for the times I don’t want the image, not try to assign an on/off value to the segment

Thank you so much for taking time to help me!