Watchface Studio timeline copy and loop features

I did not understand how to use timeline copy/paste and loop features.
Basically I want to change some image(or multimedia) for every first 5 minutes of an hour.
So I will have 2 items; one for the first 5 minutes and another for the 55 minutes.
Since I could not find how to copy the first 1 hour to the rest of the day, now I am trying to arrange this for all 24 hours.
How can I copy first 1 hour of the timeline to the rest ?
And is it possible to copy whole timeline of an item to another item ?
How ?

Hi, if your items are images, maybe it would be easier to make a duplicate of the timeline source object and then just swap the attached media.


Thanks for your reply. However, I want to copy the timeline from an image to a watch hand. So “swap media” won’t work.
How else can I copy ?
Or is there another easy method ?

What is the “loop” function in timeline ?

Loop allows you to repeat things on the timeline. And to me it seems it is possible to select part of timeline on one object copy and paste it to timeline of other object.
Necessary condition is, the target object timeline is cleared before pasting, otherwise it wont be changed.
Check this thread:

how do you copy some part of the timeline ?
Please look at the screenshot below. I am copying the first hour section from line 3 (Second 6) to line 1 ( Text 7)

But it becomes like that after I paste it:


as you see in the first image , only first 5 minutes we have the item visible.
But when copied to the first line, it fills in all 1 hour with visible item.

what am I doing wrong ?

I dont know for sure, but I think you can only copy paste whole blocks. So to copy 5 min you would have to zoom in in such scale where the minutes are selectable as blocks.

I think if that 5 min repeats each hour, I would use loop instead of copy/paste (or copy/paste into other layer before using loop feature, it cant be copied when looped).

thank you
I sitll think we need a detailed explanation on how to use the timeline feature.
It should be possible to copy and paste blocks of timeline in any zoom level.