Can you have more than on theme on a watchface

Can you have more than one set of theme colors in one watch face? I would like to make a face with more than one theme. Maybe one for the digital time and another for othe text on the face. I would like them seperate for mor of a selection. Maybe one for watch hands then another for something else.



Hi, color selection in 3 colors per theme, and you can have selection of themes.

That is for example date, text, complication

Each have its own color.

Read this blog

Thank you for the information. Although this was helpful it is not what I was thinking. I want to add an additional theme color pallet so I can change colors independently. If I split up the hours an minutes on a digital clock I would like to change one theme color without efecting the other. I hope that makes sense. I would like to have each item to have its own pallet of three colors.



Hi, @blu1604754954 you need to use masking, and mask the elements. But masking dosent work on complications

Mask with different colour image.

Then the mask via styles

Look at these two… combine both technics to archive what you want


Are you talking about something like this one?
I made this in GWD by hiding and showing everyhing at once and looping in the timeline. I think it can be made in WFS.

@muradium and @blu1604754954

I think he want something more like in this

Topic Request individual text component color selector - #3 by Knightwing

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Yes, that’s what I would like to have as well. The 3-color themes are a nice idea, but it limits the color customization options for the end user.

But I understand that this solution is sufficient for most users.

For independent color matching you have to go other ways, like masking in combination with different images as some already wrote. But unfortunately this always makes the watch face bigger than necessary compared to WFS coloring.

Hi @matze_styles4you , post this description as a feature request?
Think this can be realised with wff list configuration if they implement it in wfs